Thursday, November 29, 2012

Running Out

My hubs and I recently relocated to a larger city (population 156,592 going strong.)  As much as I wanted out of our last town the move has me rethinking how blessed I was. The main thing I miss is the freedom to run 24/7 and feel safe.  Others: driving 1 mile to school in 3 minutes, going to the 24 hour fitness center for free (part time job) and going to the pool also one mile away to swim with a max of five other swimmers. My life use to be so convenient. Just imagine how much stuff I was able to get done in one day.

So for the past couple of weeks I have been in the search for a new gym. Although our new apartment is just a couple of blocks from the running trail the time change has made it dark before I go to work and after if I stay at school too long.

Today was the first time in two weeks I made it home in time to run outside. So out the door I went. I tried to SkinnyRunner style my run as in make myself uncomfortable. I managed to get about 2 miles in before I had to take a walk break.  Wow, if only I could run like her. As I finished up I admired the 13 deer standing on the soccer field next to the trail. Totally makes me wish I had a deer tag, not that I could shoot them there but they get so close to the trail a nerf gun would hit them.

Trying to figure out this blog stuff is new to me. For a month now I have wanted to get into it to share some cheer and remind myself how much God has blessed me. Sometimes I'm so exhausted after school I just seem down when really I have a lot to smile about.

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