Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home Alone

This weekend flew past.  Friday after my run I was able to spend a little time with my parents who came to finish their Christmas shopping.  Shopping for gifts stresses me out and gives me anxiety like you wouldn't believe.

You'd think this was a nature show with all my pictures of deer.  I just love seeing God's creations. 

Saturday I blew another 4 hours shopping instead of getting my own things done which really irritated me.  I ended up just grabbing stuff way out of our budget and now it is back in my car with receipts waiting to be returns for gift cards. 

Just tell me what you want and I will buy it for you or if it is out of my range I will gladly give you money to put towards your dream gift.  I tend to stock pile my tip money for my adventures or large things I need to budget for.  Its hard for me give ideas of something I would like because I hate knick knacks and feel like every time I have to go to the store I'm going to come home with some thing I didn't need and my apt will end up on the show Hoarders.

After all the time I spend in lines and traffic and searching for those perfect gifts the only thing to make myself feel better was this bag of sugar and it was amazing!

The weather was not very friendly Friday night or Saturday with freezing rain and snow.  I was asked to fill in at Chef Louie's Saturday night so thankfully it was not too bad of a drive.  I ended up waiting on a Christmas party in our back room that sat there for over four hours.  It was almost midnight when I left.  Better than sitting Home Alone.  (One of my favorite Christmas movies.)

Since my babe is away I went to the Catholic church today.  St. Joseph's Cathedral is so beautiful.  It was restored a couple of years ago and you can check the website to see pictures.  It put me back in the spirit.

After church I got Christmas cards ready for the mail while cheering on the Vikings.  Skol Vikes!

I ordered a new bike trainer to start training for an Iron Man this winter.  It came last week and I did my first workout on it tonight.  When I put it together last week I was to impatient to figure out the computer so instead I just set it up for my bike.  Tonight for my workout I attempted to hook up the computer but it was in another language so I gave up again and used our Ipad to figure my RPM's. 

Let's get physical, physical! I also started working on an 80's cd for my physical education class.  More on that when it's finished.

 Good things take time, as they should.  We shouldn't expect good things to happen overnight.   Actually getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome.
     - Coach John Wooden

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