Monday, December 10, 2012

Box full of Sunshine

Brrr it was a cold one out there today.  Praise God for the blizzard!  I was happy to snuggle up to my husband for one more night and we both left for work at the same time this morning.  Unfortunately Cale had to turn back for a couple more hours since the Interstate was still closed.  He did make it to Grand Forks, ND safely around 3pm.  I'm not sure of the exact temperature but at one point during school someone commented on it being 2 degrees with the wind chill.  Recess for the students was inside due to the cold temperatures and if you would pray for below zero temperatures the rest of the week while I have recess and bus duty I would appreciate it. 

I got home to the absolute best surprise ever!  I'm a little old school and love sending hand written cards and letters vs txt's and phone calls.  I've been blessed to have friends and family that don't just send Christmas cards but just random hello's!  They brighten my day.  Today my day was brightened by my dear friend Rachelle.  I had a package sitting by my door when I walked up the stairs and I was immediately excited because I knew I did not order anything.  I brought the package in and opened it on my table to the brightest surprise! 

"You brighten my life with your friendship so I thought it was only fair to return the favor.  I am sending you a box full of SUNSHINE!  I hope it brightens your day"  Yellow everything!  Magnets, chap stick, mascara, body wash, band aids, highlighter, shells and cheese, headbands, air freshener and hand sanitizer.  Then lets not forget the variety of yellow sixlets, rock candy, Mary Jane's, lemon drops and jelly bellies.

Rachelle is the person I give credit for getting me into running long distance.  I was really good at track in H.S. but didn't run farther than the 300m hurdles.  She was my college roommate after finishing with her undergrad and being on the SE Cross Country Team.  We started running together over the summer and in the fall she talked me into trying out for the XC team.  Rachelle and her husband James are in the works of adopting from Haiti.  I will include her blog link here.  Please pray for my friends on this new journey God has placed in their hearts. 

After giving my friend a ring and visiting on the phone with her about my sweet gift I bundled up and headed out happy as ever.  It was a little dangerous running but I don't like to wear my lil ice picks on my shoes unless I have to.

I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and took a warm shower and then attempted to get some things picked up around our apartment.  My friend Lynsey and I had another yoga date so I forced myself to leave earlier tonight to get there before the rush.  Tonight was Yoga fusion and again a great class!  It was even better because there were only about 20 people.

Tomorrow morning we are going to attempt Hot Yoga and it just might do me in.  

Psalm 97:11-12
Light shines on the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.  Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous, and praise his holy name.

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