Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Candy

A quick good morning J It’s only Wednesday and my butt has been kicked!  Yesterday before school I got back on my bike trainer and did another quad kicker. 

After lunch duty today Mr. Mike let me run the new floor scrubber.  It was just like a Segway ride, I’m easily entertained. 

After school I tried and easy but difficult run.  The snow helped slow me down because the trail was not cleared.  Then I rushed out the door to try and chase down a FedEx EXPRESS before my power yoga class at 6pm.  Who would have thought FedEx EXPRESS and FedEx are different.
The rest of my evening was spent attempting to bake Christmas treats with my friend Lynsey.  We sure learned really quickly we did not spend enough time in the kitchen with our mothers. 
Toffee: no candy thermometer so it might have been a little burnt, fail #1
Rolo Pretzel Delights: I’ve made these before in the microwave and you just nuke them on wax paper then smoosh them with a spoon.  We didn’t have any wax paper so scraping them off the plate and onto some tinfoil equals fail #2.  Second attempt put them on the pan in the oven like the recipe on the bags directs.  Success! 

Puff Carmel Corn: Winner! Winner!
Chocolate Mint Marshmallows with Almond Bark: Burnt the first entire bag of almond bark on the stove fail #3.  Bag #2 melted in the micro, the marshmallows weren’t exactly sticking to the mints fail #4. Uhhh
Lynsey’s dog Cecilia wondering what is going on at this point.

Caramel and Rice Krispy covered Marshmallows: the caramel was a mess that would not get runny so we blamed it on the new Carmel Bits.  Tried adding a little water and that somewhat helped… is there a recipe for this we missed?
Almond Bark Pretzels: throw in the towel on the Chocolate Mint Marshmallows let’s just dip some pretzels.
At the end of the night there was a lot of pan soaking.  Why did we not make the easy Rice Krispy Candy Cane?

Psalm 30:2
Lord my God, we called to you for help, and you heard us.

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