Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sometimes I have trouble getting motivated to even leave our apartment because there is always something here to do.  My friend txt me this picture of her running outfit this morning.  Doesn't she look cute!  It love to match even when I workout.

I  don't spend tons of money on clothes but it is nice that I am justified to spend money on my athletic clothes and running shoes.  I am really good at saving until I can afford what I want.  Plus, if I like what I am wearing I feel better about walking around in public with spandex on.  50 Marathons will not give me legs like that.

Casual = athletic clothes,  not jeans and a nice shirt

My Athletic Clothes:
1. Wore daily to teach Physical Education
2. Wore to teach Zumba class
3. Wore to workout
4. Wore to lay around in

I don't have one specific brand of clothes I wear but I only run in Mizuno's.  Although I am a huge fan of Wave Rider's I have recently tried the Wave Creation.  Plus Mizuno makes sweet colors and that keeps my wardrobe fresh. 

These past few days of running in the cold I have looked at all my clothes and thought I could use some more of a few specific items.

My Northface vest works perfect for colder weather because I can still move my arms.  I like to wear as little as possible when I run because I get so hot but I will take 10 below and a ski mask over a treadmill any day.

Tights or even capris I only wear Nike they Just Do It right!

I recently added leg warmers to my attire because I have a hard time finding tights that are long enough.  I picked up some black and grey sparkly ones from Khols after wearing some colorful ones I brought last year at Little Miss Matched

My hats come from all over.  My husband and I have a slight hat problem...

Another love are my Smart Wool socks.  They keep my toes nice and cozy even on a long run.

Gloves depend on how cold out it is.  I have a couple pairs of Under Armour that I really like but when it's really cold I wear my snowboarding mittens.

Here is my $0.02 on winter running gear.  After all Christmas is just around the corner.

What are some of your favorite pieces of athletic or workout gear?

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically as something done for the Lord and note for men.

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