Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where's Waldo

Today I thought I would get more into the Halloween spirit and throw on a costume for school.  Needless to say it was an epic fail...

Does anyone remember the Where's Waldo books?  I saw this costume a couple years ago at a Halloween party and again the other day.  I thought it was a pretty good idea for school but not many kids got it :( 

Everyone kept asking if I was Santa or an Elf? Mrs. Clause or a candy cane???  And for some odd reason I had a ton of kids state "I've never seen you in jeans before Mrs. Setness."  Ahh the life of a PE teacher.

Not many of the Kindergarten or 1st graders had heard of Waldo and only a few 2nd graders had the books.

After I tracked down the books from the Middle School Library they loved trying to find him :)

For Warm Ups this week my kids boogied while trying to balance a bean bag on different body parts. 

Tonight was the first night in two weeks I did not have class or have to work at Chef Louies. Needless to say I took a nap, cleaned a ton of files off my computer then found this post on Facebook...

So I hit the treadmill...perfect running weather wasted.

I thought this was a cute analogy.

Happy Halloween Everyone.  Tomorrow starts Run Eat Repeat's Pile On The Miles challenge.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Norm

Yesterday I attended a workshop with the school Wellness Committee to gain ideas on how to improve the wellness of our staff and students.   The workshop was presented by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation with the goal to promote lifelong, healthy habits and stop the increase in childhood obesity.  

One of the activities the presenter had us to do was find a poster that best described why we want to incorporate better health policies.  One poster I don't quite remember the statement but 3 others stated you wanted every student to get the chance to succeed, you strive to be a good role model or you want to make it the norm to eat healthy and participate in physical activity.  This activity kept popping up in my head so I figured it was time to get back to the blog....

I went back and forth thinking which one I really wanted to promote before choosing the Norm.  Wouldn't life be so much easier if it was normal to eat fresh, and vehicles got over when you were running or biking along the side of the road.  Instead drivers are running you off the road or the first person in line makes a "not so good" meal choice and the rest "fall in line."  I know I've been there.

Starting in November I am joining Run Eat Repeat and participating in the Pile on the Miles challenge.  Yes I want to be a role model to everyone out there but more so I want it to be Normal for everyone to get out there and get that HR up and sugar intake down.  
Some of my other school goals are to get a Mileage Club implemented during recess along with more fun runs put on for the kids and community.  I would also like to start a Facebook and or Twitter page for my PE class but sometimes social media is hard for me to keep up with.  Hard to believe I know...

In more school news my class is learning team work with the PaRaChUtE!!! It's hard to beat the parachute and scooter boards.  What was your favorite PE activity?