Sunday, November 3, 2013

Booby Traps

I tried to get into my apt the other night only to about kill myself tripping over my shoes that blocked the doorway.  I'm usually in and out of my apartment from once place to the next and don't like putting my shoes away when they are wet or dirty. 

Yesterday and today my husbands nieces have a swim meet in SuFu so after church this morning I will head back over to cheer them on.  It's sad a 3rd and a 7th grader would wax me in a race.  Since my hubs was gone I skyped a couple of their events to him from my phone.  Sometimes technology can be so amazing.

Free car wash thanks to The Gas Stop because their card machine was not working.  Winning :)

After the swim meet last night I met up with my cousins who were in town from the West side of the state to watch All State Chorus.  We hit up the mall for a couple hours then met up again after the concert for supper and a bottle of wine. 

Came home to throw in a movie, drink some wine and do my PT exercises.  Great combo!

Even with the time change I found it hard to get up early.  Finding motivation to do much of anything is hard without having my husband home. 

2 Corinthians 5:7
For we walk by faith; not by site

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